Thursday, December 14, 2006

Articles on 1965 Hindi Imposition

Bureaucracy by Doublespeak:

To spread Hindi, the government is spending $2,100,000 this year.,9171,839158,00.html

The above link talks about Hindi imposition in 1965. As you can see, India was spending 2.1 Million USD for Hindi evangelization. This was in the year 1965, when India had a literacy rate of about 24 %. We were importing 2 ship loads of wheat a day to barely survive and Shahstri gave his famous call for Indians to skip one meal a day. The times were so bad but we still managed to find funds for Hindi.

Hindi Imposition:

In the southern Indian town of Tiruchi last week, a 20-year-old hotel waiter scribbled hasty notes to family and friends, then committed suicide by gulping a bottle of insecticide. He was the third suicide in the area in a week.,9171,839222,00.html

A total of 5 individuals burnt themselves to death and 2 drank pesticide as protest against Hindi imposition. According to government records around 66 people died. The government records were burnt by the officials after Bhaktavatchalam, the then CM of TN ordered it. Ostensibly, to protect the officials from retaliations.

Retreat to English:

Last week 106 Congress Party M.P.s from North India petitioned the government—in English—to uphold Hindi as the only official language. Fanatics of the pro-Hindi Jan Sangh Party prowled the streets of Delhi, blotting out English signs with coal tar.,9171,839301,00.html

Force of Words:

At a Cabinet meeting, non-Hindi ministers backed the demand of Food Minister Chidambaram Subramaniam that English also be given statutory recognition as an official language. When they were voted down, Subramaniam and another minister resigned, shaking confidence in Shastri's leadership.,9171,940936,00.html

Subramaniam and O.V. Alagesan resigned from their ministerial positions.

Subramaniam (Agricultural Minister) along with Dr. Swaminathan (Indian Agricultural Research Insitute) and Sivaraman (Union Secretary of Agriculture) were responsible for the Green Revolution.

According to Borlaug, there was also an active role in this played by Siva Raman, then Union Secretary of Agriculture. "I used to call them 3 Ss Subramaniam, Swaminathan and Sivaraman," Borlaug said.

Hindi Against India:

You can speak Tamil or English and yet be a good Indian, argued Anna. No, answered New Delhi, the only good patriots are those who speak (and write) Hindi. Shastri and his Government stood by the decision to make Hindi official on 26 January. And, in consequence, all hell broke loose.

Hindi Chauvinism:

But from time to time, the chauvinists of Hindi try to press their case. In his previous term as Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Mulayam Singh Yadav wrote a letter in his language to the Chief Minister of Kerala, E.K. Nayanar. Mr. Nayanar replied in his language. It was a brilliant riposte: for while Hindi was not widely spoken in Thiruvanthapuram, in Lucknow, Malayalam was not known at all.


Anonymous said...


The 'Tamil' politician, Karunanidhi and his daughter Kan(n)imozhi are cowards worshipping is Hindian masters as he is working to remove Tamil from Tamil Nadu. After all the Telugu speaking family finds pleasure destroying Tamil heritage sites like Raamar Paalam and in denouncing Tamil poet Baarathiyaar.

Following are acts of language racism perpetuated by both Hindian goverment and also the private corporate sector. The central govt in Delhi has plans to wantonly ignore other languages and pave the way for their decline by sole use of Hindi and by the portrial of India to the outside world as Hindia.

Karunanidhi is of-course supportive of such policies against Tamil language and people.

1>Gas books across India printed only in Hindi and English
2>Air Hindia, Hindian Airlines, S(J)et(h) Airway etc having announcements only in English and Hindi.. Hindians only served
3>Hindi being compulsory in CBSE schools while Hindian can choose to skip the state language in favour of Sanskrit
4>Lack of opportunity of native Tamils in the north leave alone North Indians to learn Tamil and other southern languages in their areas
5>Tamil being portrayed with lude ‘comical’ roles in Hindian films
6>Hindian railways train tickets skipping the state language. Hindians only served
7>Airports (like in Madras) hiring Hindians who cant speak Tamil/state language. Hindians only eligible
8>Hindian Railway and other Hindian institution websites restricted to only Hindi and English
9>Hindian movies only being sent to the Oscars and other cultural events ignoring other languages. Hindians only served
10>Hindian bank passbooks skipping the state language. Hindians only served
11>ATMs of most banks (Citibank, Hindian Bank etc restricting to Hindi and English)
12>Looking down on states of Tamil Nadu because of refusal to prescribe to “accept-Hindi-as-your-language” attitude
13>The very use of the term “Regional language” to non-Hindi languages
14>The use of Hindian stickers in trains and else portaying “speaking Hindi is nationalism” and other propoganda messages stating use of English or non-Hindi as not being nationalistic. So Indian Railways is calling non-Hindi speakers as foreigners.
15> The very absence of languages other than Hindi on the symbol of citizenship of the country– the passport

The above is a part of a sinister policy create to transform India to simply Hindia or Hindistan.
These remarks are taken as fascist…but you need to ask yourself whether the National Language policy of India itself isnt fascist.
If you trace the history since independence regarding the use of language apart from Hindi, you can foretell the future plan for this fascist policy.

This Hindian fascism should not make it a big mistake for India to be a lingual union. The last thing for the country is encouragement a colonial attitude by speakers of the “elevated” lingo.

What is Hindi. It is language brought by Muslim invaders who came and destroyed the countries history and languages. SHame Shame is promoting the language of ammaa-p-pillais.

DMK, PMK and other Tamil traitors are happy with this scenario as they are in business with their Hindian masters who safeguarding the TN reservation policy, where several Hindi OBCs get reservation in TN while Tamil FCs are thrown out. Their vote bank has been assured by their Hindian masters.

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