Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Tamil Vs Sanskrit - Discrimination at the center !

Tamil Vs Sanskrit:

"Tamil's classical language implementation" is put under the Department of Culture.

"Sanskrit's classical language implementation" is under the Department of Human Resources Development.

Many Tamil scholars and political leaders immediately protested it saying that the former does NOT have the necessary resources.

They pointed out that Sanskrit development and propagation is under the Department of Human Resources Development, and wondered why Tamil was not in the same department.

Funds allocated to Tamil during 2005 and 2006 are NOT even one-tenth of those allocated for Sanskrit.

Funds for Sanskrit close to 100 crores

Funds for Tamil close to 3.36 crores

Two legally accepted classical languages BUT one gets around 4 % of what another language gets - WHY ?

Is it based on population?

Presuming that all the different groups except Tamils support Sanskrit - Tamils constitute 6-7% of India - which means we should be getting around 7 Crores (6-7% of 100 crores, approximately)

Is it economical?

South India contributes 20 % of population and approx 40 % of economy - presuming TN also has the double its population contribution to economy - we should be getting around 14 Crores for Tamil.

Is it historical/literature?

This would tilt the balance of funds in favour of Tamil. No matter how much antagonism someone has towards Tamil, they cannot ignore the fact that we have a history/literature that goes back to around 2500 years that needs to be researched and documented for which you need MONEY but it is NOT given.


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