Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Unravelling the Myths - I

1) It promotes tourism since many north Indians would come down south to visit.

This is a pretty silly argument since NO region would changes it linguistic character for the sake of tourists dropping in unless and until their very source of livelihood depended on those tourists. This is not the case for TN. TN does not depend on tourism industry.

But still, I would like to add these points to counter:

France does NOT promote English which is widely used in the European Union but still it has the highest number of tourists flocking to the nation.

Moreover, it makes perfect sense for the TN government to advertise and attract foreign tourists since better income can be generated from dollars and euros instead of just rupees.

2) It helps the TN people to move up north to get a job

As far as I know, many Tamils have moved up north and have picked up the dominant language in that region for their survival. When Tamils moving up north have picked up the dominant language, why can’t the north Indians moving to TN, pick up Tamil?

Moreover, what is the percentage of people who want to go up north to get a job? Is it okay for the state to waste its resources on a minuscule number instead of promoting other vocational courses that would produce skilled man power to contribute to the economy?

I think it does not make any sense to burden the whole population with another language when the time and resources can be used for learning a new subject or a vocational course that can generate income inside TN. This is specifically valid since India as a country is short on money and other critical resources that are essential for generating jobs/income.

By concentrating more on the vocational training and in learning new subjects instead of Hindi, TN can help in generating more jobs for the people in TN.

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Arun said...

A nice effort to unveil myths