Friday, February 9, 2007

Future !

Most tend to see this as “allowing a language”.

This is NOT as simple as it seems !!!

1) Suppose if we do NOT question the “unbalanced/biased” allocation of funds favoring one language, then hindi will develop its technical and other vocabulary to meet the future demands BUT our language will be stagnant.

2) As we all know, anyone/language that fails to evolve would eventually DIE.

3) One of the reasons , English is dominating is because of its ability to absorb other words and evolve.

4) The central govt spends 100 crores/ year to bring this technical evolution and development to Hindi BUT it NEGLECTS other languages.

Which means, over a few decades, our language will LAG behind hindi in terms of Technical background and any language which lacks this would eventually wither away and Tamil would face such a situation unless there is some serious funding to develop its “vocabulary/language” with the evolving Techie world.

Fortunately, there are many Tamils who do this, One of the major irony is that the Sri Lankan Tamils dominate in bringing Tamil to the web and internet BUT we eventhough majority in number fail to promote Tamil.

The very anti-Tamil riots in SL that chased them away to other countries enables them to be in touch with technology and also develop Tamil while we from TN contribute comparatively lesser even when we have the luxury of a "stable/war-free life" !!!


selvan said...

good post vijay.Good arguments.Thanks

செல்வன் said...

good post vijay.Good arguments.Thanks

R Venkatachalam said...

I have been living in North India for the past 20 years and I appreciate your views very much.

BLUESPACE அறிவுமணி, ஜெர்மனி said...

DEAR Vetri-Vel, CARRY ON..