Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Illegal imposition of Hindi !!!


Official languages rule, 1976 !
(ii) They shall extend to the whole of India, except the State of Tamilnadu.

How the rule is broken:


The percentage of work being done in Hindi during the period in the Ministry was:
61% in Region ‘A’
46% in Region ‘B’
34% in Region ‘C’.

Region c denotes states like TN where hindi is not so popular. Communications in a central govt institute within these regions are "stipulated to be in hindi". In this case out of every 100 documents/letter, 34 has to be in hindi.

Some innovative imposition schemes by the central govt.http://chemicals.nic.in/annrep03-04.pdf
Section 7 of this document talks about hindi propagation - use about 20,000 words in hindi and win cash prize !


Sections of the Ministries/Departments where entire work to be done in Hindi - Minimum 7 Sections.
Originating Correspondence in Hindi (including Telegrams, Wireless, Telex, Fax, Drawings etc.)From C to C 55%From Region C to Offices/ individuals in States/UTs of A & B region 85%


FOR C-region:Originating Correspondence in Hindi (including Telegrams, Wireless, Telex, Fax, Drawings , E-mails etc. ) From C to A 55%From C to B 55%From C to C 55%Sections of the Ministries/Departments where entire work to be done in Hindi - Minimum 08 Sections.

The above is for C-regions that includes places like TN, WB. This also includes communication within a state in the c-region, like from Madras to Trichy. Now, why should they (non-hindi regions) communicate within their own regions in an alien language ?

(D) Hindi Typist / Stenographer - Minimum one in each office. Indirect means of job creation for the hindi ppl.

(E) Arrangement of Interpreters - Arrangements of interpreters from local language in Hindi & vice-versa should be made in every Mission/ Embassey.

Crap - why would someone wanna have an interpreters for local language (say, chinese to hindi ???) in Indian consulate in China ?


Robin said...

Thanks for the insightful comments on my blog...
- Robin

Priya said...


Here are my thoughts on why Hindi shouldn't be the national language of India. Enjoy!!


Srivatsa said...


I am a south Indian and I think your blog reeks of hatred towards the Hindi-speaking. I can read, write, and speak fluent Hindi, and ther reason I opted for it is because a majority of this country can understand that language against the paltry numbers that my mother tongue can muster up.

Tamilians somehow seem to think that there language is superior. You do not have half the syllables that are present in the other languages, Tamil is phonetically imperfect compared to most of the Indian languages, and if you count the Jnanpith awardees, you know that your literature does not make it either.

In my three years in Chennai, I did not see any festival being celebrated with the pomp and splendor like in the rest of India.

It might do well for you to realize that the rest of India is bound by a common culture with respect to Hindi movies. Unfortunately, Tamil Nadu looks and feels like a separat entity than the rest of India. Do not be under the impression that the northies look down upon you. The southies and the Tamilians settled elswhere do not have a great opinion either.

You blog sucks dude! Get one non Tamillian to agree with it and I will give you a pat on the back.

Om said...


Tamil does not have the complicated syllables present in other languages since Tamil is one of the oldest languages and hence has a pretty simple form. Along the same lines, I would like to point out that the word "Dravid" == Dra-vi-d is the closest sanskrit equivalent for Ta-mi-l - this is used since sanskrit lacked the syllables for Tamil :)

Your comments regarding festivals and films reflects your immaturity and I prefer not to humiliate you any further by digging into an aspect that is incomprehensible to you.

This blog is objective and has varied and neutral sources of links that has been presented for the individuals to realize the imposition of hindi.

Read through the blog comments to see non-Tamils agreeing with me. You can also find many non-Tamils in this petition:

Regarding numbers, I suggest you read this:

If the news sources and other related links are too intimidating for you to understand, dont be dejected, for denial is the first step in comprehending truth - all the best !


Om said...
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Anonymous said...



They are not keeping their promises of Tamil annoucements which they made before elections.

Many airport posts in Tamil Nadu are requiring Hindi and English only and not Tamil. This is a clear case where preferance is being given to natural speakers of Hindi. Most of the security staff in Chennai and other airports in Tamil Nadu dont speak Tamil are quite rude.

Also imposition of Hindi is continuing in many CBSE schools across Tamil Nadu. WHile III language Hindi is a must, people taking II language Hindi are not required to take Tamil. I will tell you the portions of III language Hindi is no less than that of II language; for non-natural speaker of Hindi, it is putting Tamils at a very big disadvantage. Obviously Hindi speakers have far less portions. They dont have to learn an extra script.

Also many Central government corporations like Neyveli Lignite Corporation, CHennai Petroleum, Indian Bank (all Tamil Nadu based institutions) have banned Tamil from official communication. People have to clear a Hindi exam for appointment inside Tamil Nadu.

No one is telling it is wrong to learn Hindi, but this discrimination within Tamil Nadu against Tamil language and against Tamils should be addressed first.



Tamil needs to gets is due place within Tamilnadu. DMK has failed their promise of mandating Hindi announcements in Tamil Nadu.

CBSE schools particular Sainik school, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Kendriya Vidyalaya are imposing Hindi on Tamil while Hindi-speakers can skip Tamil altogether. Even British colonialists learnt Tamil. This is inspite of DMK’s claim of credit in getting Tamil compulsory from Std I to X. Why are CBSE schools being exempted?

It is urged TN Government fight this menace of Hindi imposition in jobs and schools in Tamil Nadu first.

Anonymous said...


The central govt in Delhi has plans to wantonly ignore other languages and pave the way for their decline by sole use of Hindi and by the portrial of India to the outside world as Hindia.

Except for some sentiments raised by Tamils, other language speakers are simply taking it for granted to accept Hindi as their officated mother tongue.

Some examples of Hindian propoganda by both the Hindian central government and large MNCs:
1>Gas books across India printed only in Hindi and English
2>Air Hindia, Hindian Airlines, S(J)et(h) Airway etc having announcements only in English and Hindi.
3>Hindi being compulsory in CBSE schools while Hindian can choose to skip the state language in favour of Sanskrit
4>Lack of opportunity of native Tamils in the north leave alone North Indians to learn Tamil and other southern languages in their areas
5>Tamil being portrayed with lude ‘comical’ roles in Hindian films
6>Hindian railways train tickets skipping the state language
7>Airports (like in Madras) hiring Hindians who cant speak Tamil/state language
8>Hindian Railway and other Hindian institution websites restricted to only Hindi and English
9>Hindian movies only being sent to the Oscars and other cultural events ignoring other languages
10>Hindian bank passbooks skipping the state language
11>ATMs of most banks (Citibank, Hindian Bank etc restricting to Hindi and English)
12>Looking down on states of Tamil Nadu because of refusal to prescribe to “accept-Hindi-as-your-language” attitude
13. The very use of the term “Regional language” to non-Hindi languages
14. The use of Hindian stickers in trains and else portaying “speaking Hindi is nationalism” and other propoganda messages stating use of English or non-Hindi as not being nationalistic.
15. The very absence of languages other than Hindi on the symbol of citizenship of the country– the passport

The above is a part of a sinister policy create to transform India to simply Hindia or Hindistan.
These remarks are taken as fascist…but you need to ask yourself whether the National Language policy of India itself isnt fascist.
If you trace the history since independence regarding the use of language apart from Hindi, you can foretell the future plan for this fascist policy.

This Hindian fascism should not make it a big mistake for India to be a lingual union. The last thing for the country is encouragement a colonial attitude by speakers of the “elevated” lingo.

DMK, PMK and other Tamil traitors are happy with this scenario as they are in business with their Hindian masters who safeguarding the TN reservation policy, where several Hindi OBCs get reservation in TN while Tamil FCs are thrown out. Their vote bank has been assured by their Hindian masters.

sujay rao said...

this paper calls for reviewing India's language policy completely - this may be music to your ears as I am a non-Tamil. Please circulate to all non-tamil and Tamil groups.
This has been published in a peer-reviewed journal


Sujay Rao Mandavilli