Wednesday, November 28, 2007

NO national language - Government Sources

This particular collection of "National Symbols" does NOT consist of "National Language".
This is the "Official Languages website". IF India had a National Language, this would have been "

'coz, rajbhasha == Official Language
rashtrabhasha == National Language.

Since, India does NOT have any National language, the website's name is "rajbhasha" and not "rashtrabhasha".


Anonymous said...

Not leaving any comments after this one.

Tamil is not only a primitive language, it is a language of the primitives.

Maybe you should have been a separate country altogether. Where there is a Tamilian, there is trouble. Read Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and guess Singapore will be soon on that list.

Put four Tamilians together and with they suddenly want a separate country, separate entity. Maybe India would have been better off without you guys.

The rest of Indians like us may learn English, but when it comes to speaking, it will be Hindi all the way. Better get used to the idea. When you come out of the hell-hole that is Tamil Nadu, it is surprising how many of you muster up Hindi in a jiffy.

Anonymous said...

We prefer to be primitives rather than spineless creatures devoid of a sense of pride.

Maybe Tamils would be better off without having to put up with dumbasses who cant respect their language.

No wonder the pakis/b'deshis wanted a separate country and got it.