Thursday, November 29, 2007

Protest against delay in appointment of Tamil Translator

NEW DELHI: The All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazagham (AIADMK) members in the Rajya Sabha on Tuesday adopted a unique method to protest the delay in the appointment of a Tamil translator in the House when one of its members insisted on speaking in Tamil during a debate.Taking part in the discussion on the Boilers Amendment Act, 1994, AIADMK member K. Malaisamy said he would speak only in Tamil to protest the delay in the recruitment. Despite requests, the Rajya Sabha secretariat has not appointed one for the past 11 months, he charged.AIADMK members also objected over the appointment procedure being adopted by sending the case to the General Purpose Committee for part-time appointment. “Why is the case being referred again and again for part-time appointment? Why cannot we have a permanent Tamil translator?” Dr. Malaisamy asked.As Dr. Malaisamy began speaking in Tamil, confusion prevailed in the House as members as well as the Rajya Sabha secretariat staff noting down the proceedings were unable to understand what he was saying. Santosh Bagrodia, who was in the Chair, intervened requesting him to speak in English.Mr. Bagrodia said the secretariat issues cannot be raised in the House. He also pointed out that Dr. Malaisamy cannot speak in Tamil as he had not given any notice in advance.At this all the AIADMK members and some others started protesting, alleging that regional languages were being ignored. AIADMK members even threatened to storm the well of the House. However, the matter was later resolved amicably when after repeated requests from the Chair and other members, Dr. Malaisamy agreed to speak in English.

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