Thursday, November 29, 2007

Imposition in High Courts !!!

Agitated members from Tamil Nadu on Wednesday protested against a recommendation to make Hindi the official language along with English in High Courts and the Supreme Court, but Government sought to assuage their feelings saying no such decision has been taken.The plea of Tamil Nadu members was opposed by CPI's Gurudas Dasgupta who said his party disassociated itself from the move. BJP deputy leader V K Malhotra and Prabhu Nath Singh of the JD-U wanted Hindi in courts.

As already stated in this blog, the constitution provides the state government with the right to determine which language should be used in the high courts. The central government, while preventing Tamil from becoming the high court language in TN is also trying to impose an alien language in TN High courts.


Anonymous said...

English is not alien, Hindi is! Wah bhai wah!

Tamilians are the biggest traitors of this country. No wonder you still lick the shoes of people who ruled us years back.

Om said...

English and Hindi are alien to Tamilians.

English serves the purpose of a common language better than hindi since english provides better opportunities inside and outside India + it does NOT provide any undue advantage to speakers of one language - try to use your brain please !

Anonymous said...

Hi Om,

Looks like you haven't traveled all over India. No state, including most regions of your own, can speak the queen's language but most of India can follow Hindi. If you think that your waaer for wear, caaer for care is good English, just take a second opinion from your masters. You will WONLY listen to them na?


Om said...

I never said everyone can speak English.

But if you have the time to search for, look into the 1991 census of India - languages spoken !

The number of english speakers are pretty much evenly distributed throughout India compared to hindi.

It DOES provide undue advantage to the speakers of hindi since they will be able to migrate to any place they want to BUT for the Tamils to do so, they would have to learn hindi along with english.

Which means, a Tamil would have to learn 3 languages while hindi speakers would get by with only 2 languages.

Also, read about the economic/educational discrimination that is perpetrated by the hindian govt !

na? - ROTFL - learn English please ! :)

Anonymous said...


All states have the three language format except yours. When people in other states (except the Hindi ruled ones) can learn three languages with ease, I cannot see any reason why you folks cannot. Or maybe it is just that you don't have such intelligence for languages.

English spread evenly across got to be kidding. Except for a few urbanized areas, most Indian pockets cannot understand English. Get out of your state and travel a little.

Have you heard of the phrase Koopastha Mandooka? Of course, you wouldn't know Sanskrit either...maybe you should look up the web. That would aptly describe the average tamilian

Anonymous said...

All the states that have 3-language formula overlook the fact that an average north indian gets away with just two languages (esp., from BIMARU land - hindi and english) - this is designed to be advantageous to north indians and NOT south indians.

There was NO country called "India" before the british came and hindi has nothing to do with my culture/religion/language/tradition.

If you give a damn about "India", learn Tamil or a south indian language !

Anonymous said...

PS: Read this blog abuot the economic discrimination that the non-hindi speakers are subjected to before posting the same things again and again - the blog-creator has explained every possible angle as good as possible - its just that some people are too dumb to even read - kinda equating themselves with the word "Mada-saambraani" ! :)

telugodu said...

we telugus also oppose this hindi fanaticism of bhaiyyas.

hindi is equally alien as english.

let bhaiyyas learn dravidian languages as they are also indian languages.

telugodu said...

Tamilians are the biggest traitors of this country. No wonder you still lick the shoes of people who ruled us years back.
shut ur mouth u bhaiyya.
we dont want your gavaari stinking hindi, just because it happens to be indian.

you bhaiyyas should learn our southindian languages because they are also indian.

you bhaiyyas are stink of India.

telugodu said...
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telugodu said...

All states have the three language format except yours. When people in other states (except the Hindi ruled ones)
bhaiyya dumbo,
thri-bhasha principle applies for hindi states too.

but you asshole retard pan-chewing scum of India wont follow 3-language principle.

muthuu said...

We all shout "no Hindi" but can Hindi imposition be stopped? No. It cannot be stopped in India. If you don't want Hindi imposed on you, Tamil Nadu should become an independent country. Look at Banglasdesh. No Hindi imposition because it is not part of India. Look at Sri Lanka. No Hindi imposition because it is an independent copuntry.

Want to know more about it: Read this

Click here


நளன் said...

Good work. Most of the people think India is one country and Hindi s the language of India. That will only happen after the death of all the other languages in India and their own indegenous culture.

We say unity in diversity, but remember, to Respect the diversity to perserve the unity.

arumbhu said...

The sooner telugus and other south indians open up their eyes the better for their independent identity.The monstrous Indian State is dominated by pan chewing dadagiris who are thinking to succeed in eliminating our languages which have been flourishing since ages just because the Britishers gave away the land on a platter to them without any price.
That is anti-national if at all anybody want to see this nation survive.India is an accidentatal nation.Lets accept the facts.When the south indians are expected to make adjustments what adjustments a north indian is making?
Morons can't have their morals imposed on us.

arumbhu said...

Any language is alien to me other than my mother tongue.Its a fact for every other indian.So why i should waste my time reading or learning another indian language when i don't need it for any reason whatsoever for my life on this earth.And anyone says i can not live on this earth without learning a particular language then it is clearly a threat to my life.And i will defend my life my folks my language all costs.
If cornered a cat will also fight back.Lets remember it.Tall leaders have become a rarity these days and local goondas and mafias without any knowledge of History and wisdom to understand diversity etc.. are somehow ruling this nation.They are trying to accomplish what a Maurya or a Kanishka and even a Gupta could not achieve in the past.
English people are enemies of all the sects of this land.But Hindiwalas are proving to be bigger enemies of our traditons.
If this nation must survive singularly it must practice what it professes.Unity in diversity.